English Quiz: As or Like

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.

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Q1 - He looks ___ he's been out in the rain.
Q2 - Professional people, ___ doctors and lawyers, must be graduates.
Q3 - Professional people, ___ doctors and teachers, must be graduates.
Q4 - ___ a parent, I feel very strongly about the way the school treated my daughter.
Q5 - He talks ___ a lawyer, but has no legal background.
Q6 - ___ you know, she's going to take over when the current head retires.
Q7 - It looks ___ good.
Q8 - She looks ___ her mother.
Q9 - "___ your doctor, I really must warn you that you risk dying early if you don't stop smoking." "OK, doc."
Q10 - Why is he dressed ____ that?

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