English Quiz: Causative

Topic: General

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I had my hair cut last week
Q2 - They had their car stolen a fortnight ago
Q3 - He had the decorators repaint the bedroom ceiling
Q4 - I'll get Claire to talk to him
Q5 - I'd get somebody in to do it if I could afford it
Q6 - I must get it fixed
Q7 - I have to have my hair cut
Q8 - She had her dog vaccinated
Q9 - He had a phone put in the day he moved in
Q10 - Can you get it fixed for me, please?
Q11 - He had his car stolen
Q12 - He had his flat burgled a few days ago
Q13 - I'm going to get my car serviced this afternoon

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