Quiz: Modals

Topic: Modals

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - You should know better

Q2 - I shan't tell her

Q3 - You must do it

Q4 - May I come in?

Q5 - 'Is that the doorbell?' 'That'll be Jim.'

Q6 - You'd better hurry

Q7 - If I hadn't broken my wrist, I'd be playing in the volleball finals

Q8 - I ought to leave

Q9 - I ought to tell him

Q10 - You needn't have done all that inputting alone

Q11 - He can't speak Dutch

Q12 - He might be there when you get there

Q13 - Surely, she can't have finished already!

Q14 - You needn't have bothered filling in all those forms

Q15 - You oughtn't to have spoken to them like that

Q16 - I didn't dare go inside

Q17 - We couldn't swim yesterday

Q18 - You ought to try to phone her on her birthday

Q19 - You might have been killed!

Q20 - I should be home by around nine so I'll see you then

Q21 - You could hurt yourself

Q22 - You have to get everything ready before the end of the day

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