Quiz: Past Simple, Progressive Perfect

Topic: Past Simple

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - He bought the car after he'd got his new job

Q2 - He was going to bring the film in this afternoon, but forgot it in the end

Q3 - It was the first time she had tried a virtual reality game

Q4 - While I was coming to work this morning the shops weren't open

Q5 - The bus drivers had been on strike for two weeks before they managed to reach an agreement with the management

Q6 - While you were studying at university, I was doing a proper job

Q7 - Had you ever worked so hard before you joined the bank?

Q8 - I was having a bath when the dog and cat started fighting

Q9 - I'd been waiting for half an hour before the train finally arrived

Q10 - He got up and went to the shops

Q11 - I'd read it long before it became successful

Q12 - Someone had already finished their work before I arrived

Q13 - I was going to go to the party

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