English Quiz: Relatives

Topic: Relative Pronouns

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The people who arrived late missed lunch
Q2 - The company from whom we bought the computers has just gone into liquidation
Q3 - The dictionary which I found on the train has been very useful to me
Q4 - The car, which has a top speed of 190 miles per hour, costs £100,000
Q5 - Is this one glass of fruit juice all that you left of my breakfast?
Q6 - The wine that I brought back from Chile was excellent
Q7 - The road which goes to the motorway is always full of traffic
Q8 - The boys that stole the car were caught by the police
Q9 - The people who work on cruise ships are often away from home for months on end
Q10 - Have you got anything that he wrote?
Q11 - The man whose company was voted the most successful in the country last year is going to give a speech tonight
Q12 - The man to whom I spoke is coming over here
Q13 - The party, which didn't finish until dawn, was fantastic
Q14 - The party that gets the most votes in the election is asked to form the government
Q15 - The cat, which never stops eating, has started stealing food from the cupboards
Q16 - The owner of the restaurant that was closed down is going to have to go to court

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