Quiz: Articles with geographical names

Topic: Articles

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Do we generally use THE or no article when using names of the following geographical features and places?

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Q1 - Rivers

Q2 - Mountains

Q3 - Mountain ranges or groups

Q4 - Groups of islands

Q5 - Deserts

Q6 - Continents

Q7 - Towns

Q8 - Cities

Q9 - Villages

Q10 - Parks

Q11 - Zoos

Q12 - Seas

Q13 - Oceans

Q14 - Lakes

Q15 - Countries whose name is a single word

Q16 - Countries whose name includes a word like REPUBLIC OR UNITED

Q17 - Streets

Q18 - Cinemas

Q19 - Theatres

Q20 - Museums

Q21 - Hotels

Q22 - Ships

Q23 - Churches

Q24 - Cathedrals

Q25 - Airports

Q26 - Train stations

Q27 - Bus stations

Q28 - Squares in towns and cities

Q29 - Underground or subway stations

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