English Quiz: Gerund or Infinitive?

Topic: Gerunds and Infinitives

Level: Advanced

Instructions: These verbs can take more than one form, with different meanings. Choose the correct form for the sentence.

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Q1 - I can't help ____ them.
Q2 - If you're going to the shops, don't forget ____ buy some milk.
Q3 - I remember _____ the letter yesterday.
Q4 - If you take the job, it'll mean ____ a long way every day.
Q5 - I'm sorry- I didn't mean ____ rude.
Q6 - I stopped at the garage _____ some petrol.
Q7 - I stopped ____ junk food because I wanted to lose some weight.
Q8 - She stopped ____ because she started coughing badly.
Q9 - He stopped ____ a coffee and a rest before he went back to work.

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