English Quiz: If or Unless?

Topic: Conditionals

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct word.

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Q1 - ___ you are caught drinking and driving, you will lose your licence.
Q2 - ____ you stop smoking, you'll be seriously ill.
Q3 - I won't be able to do it ____ you help me.
Q4 - ____ you stop making that noise, I'll call the police.
Q5 - ____ you're late, I'll leave without you.
Q6 - ___ he gets caught, he'll make a fortune.
Q7 - ____ he gets caught, he'll go to jail.
Q8 - I won't do it ____ you agree to help me; I'm not doing it alone.
Q9 - ___ she pays up, we're going to be in real trouble.
Q10 - ____ we get the cheque today, we must bank it.
Q11 - She'll never agree to that ____ you accept her suggestions.
Q12 - ____ they're late again, I'll be furious.
Q13 - I don't want to go out ____ it's raining- I hate getting wet.
Q14 - We'll be in trouble ____ it goes wrong.

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