English Quiz: Been & Gone

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - She's ___ out for lunch- she'll be back at two o'clock.
Q2 - Have you ever ____ to Prague?
Q3 - I'll speak to him tomorrow- he's ____ home.
Q4 - He's just ____ to the bank, so you could ask him to lend you some money.
Q5 - Where have you ____? I've been waiting for an hour.
Q6 - Has anyone seen my calculator? It's ____ missing.
Q7 - His parents are very worried- he's ____ missing for a week now.
Q8 - I can't find it- I had it this morning, but it's ____.
Q9 - I've ____ in meetings all day.
Q10 - Things are different now- those days have long ____.

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