English Quiz: As or Like

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - His ringtone sounded ____ an alarm.
Q2 - She drinks ____ a fish.
Q3 - He's been behaving ____ a child all afternoon.
Q4 - He works ____ a receptionist three days a week.
Q5 - Weather ____ this always depresses me.
Q6 - I'll do it ____ agreed.
Q7 - I regard them ____ friends.
Q8 - Considered ____ a whole, the project's very good.
Q9 - They were late ____ usual.
Q10 - I gave it to her ____ a present.
Q11 - Stop acting ____ a fool.
Q12 - ____ me, she works hard.
Q13 - The director behaves ____ a spoilt child.
Q14 - I feel ____ a holiday.

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