English Quiz: If

Topic: Conditionals

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - If I see her this afternoon, I ____ her to call you.
Q2 - If he could, do you think he ____ help you?
Q3 - If he has taken it, what ____ we do?
Q4 - If she had been there, what ____ ?
Q5 - If it's OK by you, I ____ early today.
Q6 - If he _____, what shall I do?
Q7 - If you pay by direct debit, you ____ a discount.
Q8 - If I ___ you, I'd tell him what happened.
Q9 - If he _____, what should I do?
Q10 - If you ____, what would you have done?
Q11 - If he can, do you think he ____ help us?
Q12 - If she doesn't come, _____ you be annoyed?
Q13 - What _____ if I pressed this button?
Q14 - If they did win, how ____?

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