English Quiz: Hear & Listen

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Did you ____ that noise just now?
Q2 - I ____ the CD on my Walkman.
Q3 - She was talking very quietly; did you ____ what she just said?
Q4 - OK, this is important, so please ____ carefully.
Q5 - I can't ____ you properly- the phone line's really bad.
Q6 - Did you ____ about the accident?
Q7 - Be careful- I've ____ a number of strange things about them.
Q8 - I told him about it, but he never ____ me.
Q9 - The music next door was so loud, we couldn't ____ the TV.
Q10 - 'What did he say?'
Q11 - Didn't you ____ the doorbell?

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