English Quiz: Confusing Words

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Does this kind of weather ____ you?
Q2 - What will ____ the main course?
Q3 - They wanted everybody to ____ their work.
Q4 - They're not very ____ so don't give them too much information.
Q5 - He's an ____ doctor
Q6 - He managed to think of an _____ solution.
Q7 - Rain is ____.
Q8 - Do you ____ visa payments here?
Q9 - The building has been ____ since the company went bankrupt.
Q10 - The charity was accused of having ____ its funds.
Q11 - It's a three-____ house.
Q12 - The book is so slow that it's ____.
Q13 - A ____ gives people advice if they have emotional or other problems.
Q14 - Her handwriting's so bad that it's completely ____.
Q15 - Did you hear the weather ____ for tomorrow?
Q16 - The price of bus tickets has ____ sharply this year.
Q17 - The police checked every detail carefully; it was an ____ investigation.
Q18 - Walking all the way up the hill was ____ so we sat down to rest for a bit.
Q19 - The minister read the ____ of the speech and made a few changes.
Q20 - Pubs sell ____ beer as well as bottles and cans.

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