English Quiz: Gap Filling- 4

Topic: Gap Filling

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: These questions practise the type of item tested in many intermediate exam gapfills and cloze tests.

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Q1 - The report has come in for a lot of ____ in the press.
Q2 - He was a ____ of mine at Cambridge.
Q3 - The judge said that she was in ____ of court.
Q4 - In the ____ you could see the city lights.
Q5 - I find yoga very ____ for controlling tension.
Q6 - The cause of ____ remains a mystery.
Q7 - The painting was not genuine so it was ____.
Q8 - The ____ news is that his condition is stable.
Q9 - He lacks ____.
Q10 - She's very ____ of her success.
Q11 - I spent much of my ____ living abroad.
Q12 - The ____ was never established.
Q13 - I can't resist chocolate; it's a ____ of mine.
Q14 - In all ____, she won't be able to come.
Q15 - Fog reduced ____ to zero.
Q16 - It was a ____ success.
Q17 - He ____ to sack them if they didn't improve.
Q18 - The tiger is in danger of ____.
Q19 - Her ____ was proved in court.
Q20 - Their cottage in a lovely, ____ village.

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