English Quiz: Prepositions- words taking more than one preposition

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Jenny was standing ____ the front of the queue.
Q2 - You shouldn't take what she says ____ heart and upset yourself.
Q3 - She learnt the poem ____ heart.
Q4 - Timothy's called Tim ____ short.
Q5 - The President said that he had ____ no time lied during his presidency.
Q6 - I thought it would take ages, but I did it ____ no time at all.
Q7 - He'll be with you ____ a moment.
Q8 - I was robbed ____ my way home.
Q9 - I couldn't get in because there were so many people ____ the way.
Q10 - She's away ____ business.
Q11 - The new store opens ____ business in March.
Q12 - It took me ages to get all my documents and papers ____ order.
Q13 - It's ____ order but delivery can take up to 28 days.
Q14 - The situation's ____ control.
Q15 - The manager like to be ____ control.
Q16 - I saw Jon last week; ____ the way have you heard that he's getting married?
Q17 - She ran to the station and managed to get there ____ time.
Q18 - Helen will take it ____ the bitter end.
Q19 - Everybody started shouting and the meeting got ____ of hand.
Q20 - They finished the work ____ no time.
Q21 - The parcel was delivered ____ hand.
Q22 - It's only ____ the end of the book that we find out who the father really was.
Q23 - I'm sure that ____ the time you get home, I'll have done it.

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