Quiz: Editing & correcting

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Identify the incorrect word.

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Q1 - Take the letter with you in case you will see him.

Q2 - The first time I have tried it was last year.

Q3 - That's the house where I was born in.

Q4 - She has decided a couple of weeks ago.

Q5 - That's the guy who my dog bit him.

Q6 - I've told you a hundred of times not to do that.

Q7 - I don't think so that she's coming.

Q8 - She's got a long hair.

Q9 - Despite of the cold, they insisted on a table in the garden.

Q10 - Susie, who lives in Melbourne, she is forty.

Q11 - In case of she comes, I'll leave her a note.

Q12 - I haven't seen either of them since the last week.

Q13 - I have made up my mind ages ago.

Q14 - I like it the game.

Q15 - There was too much more food than necessary at the party.

Q16 - How long time did it take you to learn to use the software proficiently?

Q17 - As far as that I know, she's a lot better.

Q18 - She wrote down everything what the lecturer said.

Q19 - They didn't let them to bring the animal indoors.

Q20 - I paid for the bill and hurried back to the office.

Q21 - I don't think so that they'll still be there at this time.

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