Quiz: Correct or Incorrect?

Topic: General

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - They drove fast despite of the thick fog.

Q2 - Susie, who is my eldest sister, she lives in Berlin.

Q3 - No matter what that I do, nothing seems to please them.

Q4 - He's at the work and won't be home before six-thirty.

Q5 - It was nearly dark when we arrived at home.

Q6 - I have decided to do the course a fortnight ago.

Q7 - You should complain if you don't like the food.

Q8 - You'd better not to tell her what happened.

Q9 - I want that you tell me exactly how it happened.

Q10 - My project, which I spend most of my spare time on , is nearing completion.

Q11 - My project, that I spend most of my spare time on, is nearly complete.

Q12 - He plays the football for a Sunday team in his local park.

Q13 - How's the weather like in Colombia at this time of year?

Q14 - It was decided at the last shareholders' meeting.

Q15 - I pay for my electricity bill by direct debit.

Q16 - Most of people don't feel very strongly about the issue.

Q17 - I have only paid back half the money so far.

Q18 - I'm off to bed now because of I'm exhausted.

Q19 - I'll see to it as soon as they will arrive.

Q20 - They weren't allowed to enter in the building.

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