English Quiz: Idioms- Food

Topic: Idioms

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I don't like horror films; they're not my cup of ____.
Q2 - He was as cool as ____ in court; it looked as if he was enjoying it.
Q3 - She looks just like her sister; they are like ____ in a pod.
Q4 - He wasn't good enough for the job; he failed to cut the ____.
Q5 - I waste a lot of money; I spend it like ____.
Q6 - The record is number one in the charts; it's selling like hot ____.
Q7 - There are no hills for miles; it's as flat as a ____.
Q8 - He's very sensitive, so people walk on ____ when he's around.
Q9 - He saved my ____ by lending me some money when I needed it.
Q10 - Which came first; the ____ or the egg?
Q11 - No one wants to get involved- it's become a hot ____.
Q12 - She's in a coma on a life support machine- she's a complete ____.

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