English Quiz: Parts of speech 3

Topic: Parts of Speech

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: What part of speech is the word in CAPITALS.

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Q1 - THE weather's terrible.
Q2 - SHE isn't coming.
Q3 - It's a BLACK book.
Q4 - She drives FAST.
Q5 - She's a FAST driver.
Q6 - She isn't COMING.
Q7 - DID she finish it?
Q8 - SHE left on time.
Q9 - It took HIM three hours to finish.
Q10 - It's MY money.
Q11 - Take MINE.
Q12 - It's OVER the road.
Q13 - ALTHOUGH it was expensive, she still bought it.
Q14 - I've HARDLY started.
Q15 - It's a HARD test.
Q16 - Hold TIGHT!
Q17 - I did it BECAUSE I felt like it.
Q18 - Do you LIKE it?
Q19 - It looks LIKE Joan's.
Q20 - It was SO good.
Q21 - They did SO well.
Q22 - EATING too much can cause health problems.

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