English Quiz: 50 Question Level Test- Advanced

Topic: Level Tests

Level: All Levels

Instructions: 50 questions to test your level.

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Q1 - _____ you finish, you'll be in trouble.
Q2 - The company _____ accountant was arrested last week has gone bankrupt.
Q3 - I saw her just _____ day.
Q4 - This is the town ____ I was born in.
Q5 - This is the town ____ I was born.
Q6 - I'm not used to ____ that.
Q7 - ____ your help, I would never have managed.
Q8 - The two brothers do look ____.
Q9 - No sooner ____ got there than they started annoying me.
Q10 - Only when ____ left, did we notice what she had done.
Q11 - I'd rather ____ go if you don't mind.
Q12 - It's high time you ____ that.
Q13 - The company ____ chairman was sacked last week has called in the receivers.
Q14 - I wish I ___ go there on Friday.
Q15 - If he ___, I won't stay.
Q16 - He denied ____ it.
Q17 - You ____ better hurry.
Q18 - I wish they ____ be quiet; they know how it annoys me.
Q19 - She took ___ painting after she retired.
Q20 - She didn't let them ___ it.
Q21 - They weren't allowed ____ it.
Q22 - By the time I reached ____, everyone had left.
Q23 - Hurry up- the taxi's ____ to arrive.
Q24 - You ____ be better off taking the train.
Q25 - This is the first time I ____ to her.
Q26 - ____ anyone came.
Q27 - Do you _____ his story?
Q28 - The negative of 'noble is ___-
Q29 - The adverb from 'public' is____.
Q30 - I doubt___ she'll be there.
Q31 - They made us ____ welcome
Q32 - Let's go tonight, ___?
Q33 - She fell ____.
Q34 - ___ a matter of fact, I did finish it on time.
Q35 - How old is he?
Q36 - Thanks for your____.
Q37 - I don't know why she ____ it.
Q38 - The first time I ___ her was at my brother's wedding.
Q39 - It's time we ____.
Q40 - She had her dog put ___ sleep because it had a malignant tumour.
Q41 - They were in ____ trouble.
Q42 - The government was anxious about the results of the official ____.
Q43 - I don't know how I'd have got ____ it without your support.
Q44 - It ____ ten minutes to do the test.
Q45 - It was ____ better than I was expecting it to be.
Q46 - I ____ enjoyed meeting them
Q47 - She went ___ to become a minister.
Q48 - I tired ___ it.
Q49 - They have yet to ____ the details of the plan.
Q50 - I spent twenty minutes ___ the test.

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