English Quiz: Bring, Fetch & Take

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I didn't ____ my phone with me this morning; can I borrow yours?
Q2 - I'm off now- I have to ____ the kids from school.
Q3 - I'll ____ the letter with me and post it while I'm out.
Q4 - Yesterday, she forgot to ____ her homework to school and came back upset.
Q5 - I threw a stick for my dog to ____.
Q6 - When you come, could you ____ some wine?
Q7 - My sister ____ to the airport and saw me off and she'll pick me up when I get back.
Q8 - It ____ me an hour to get home.
Q9 - ____ it over there, please.
Q10 - ____ it here, please.

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