English Quiz: At the end, in the end, etc

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - We waited for nearly an hour and ____ the end we went without her.
Q2 - The teacher set some homework ____ the end of the lesson.
Q3 - There's an eraser ____ the end of my pencil.
Q4 - My house is ____ the end of the street.
Q5 - We were exhausted ____ the end of the journey.
Q6 - They get killed ____ the end of the film.
Q7 - I'll love you ____ the end of time.
Q8 - They couldn't decide which one they liked and ____ the end they didn't bother.
Q9 - They argue everything ____ the bitter end.
Q10 - I paid the fees ____ the end of the course.

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