English Quiz: Had Better & Would Rather

Topic: Exam Traps and Tricks

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I'd ____ go by train- it's more comfortable than the coach.
Q2 - "Can I open the window?"
Q3 - You'd ____ not do it again or you'll be in real trouble.
Q4 - I'd ____ you didn't do that.
Q5 - I'd ____ be ready on time or the boss will go mad.
Q6 - You'd ____ get your vaccinations if you're going to Cambodia.
Q7 - We'd ____ get going or we'll miss the last train.
Q8 - I'd ____ not work with him if you don't mind- we don't get on that well.
Q9 - This is a disgrace- you'd ____ sort it out and quickly!
Q10 - The doctor said that I'd ____ cut down on sugar to reduce my weight.

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