English Quiz: Achieve, Cope & Manage

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I'm afraid I didn't ____ to finish it on time.
Q2 - Losing your temper will ____ nothing, so calm down.
Q3 - I'm disorganised and find it hard to ____ my time well.
Q4 - There's so much to do that I'm struggling to ____ with it all.
Q5 - We didn't ____ to hit any of of targets.
Q6 - Having ____ the qualification with the highest mark, she got promoted.
Q7 - That was a real ____; well done.
Q8 - We only ____ about half the work.
Q9 - She ____ admirably under very difficult circumstances.
Q10 - They're having discussions about how to ____ peace in the region.

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