English Quiz: Relative Pronouns- Which & Where

Topic: Relative Pronouns

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Put it back in the drawer ____ you took it from when you've finished.
Q2 - That's the house ____ I grew up.
Q3 - The town in ____ he was born is a few miles away.
Q4 - The school ____ I was educated closed down a couple of years ago.
Q5 - This is the house ____ I grew up in.
Q6 - The building ____ the fire started in is a complete ruin.
Q7 - Is this the place ____ we're supposed to meet them?
Q8 - Do you know the cafe _____ I saw them?
Q9 - This is the place ____ the accident happened.
Q10 - It's the city in ____ the worst housing problems in the country exist.

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