Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Draw

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Winter's here and the nights are drawing ___; it's getting dark very early.

Q2 - He drew the meeting ____ far longer than necessary.

Q3 - A car drew ____ next to us at the traffic lights.

Q4 - He drew ____ his cigarette and inhaled the smoke.

Q5 - The government has been drawn ____ the scandal.

Q6 - The crowd drew ____ when the police dogs approached them.

Q7 - She was very quiet and the teacher couldn't draw her ____.

Q8 - The solicitor drew ____ the contract for them to sign.

Q9 - The train drew ____ and we got on it.

Q10 - As the lesson drew ____, the students started to get bored.

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