English Quiz: Except & Except For

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - They do nothing ____ complain all the time.
Q2 - I did everything ____ the last exercise.
Q3 - He's not very friendly ____ when he wants something.
Q4 - Everyone was there ____ Kumiko.
Q5 - There was complete silence ____ the sound of someone coughing.
Q6 - The weather was awful ____ in the south.
Q7 - I have no answer to the criticism, ____ to blame the short-sighted management.
Q8 - They have no one to blame for the trouble ____ themselves.
Q9 - New lightweight materials have replaced traditional ones ____ certain special uses.
Q10 - I can't remember anything ____ the pain after the operation.

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