Quiz: Must & Can

Topic: Modals

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - That's ridiculous- you ____ be joking.

Q2 - That's the phone- who ____ it be?

Q3 - They haven't eaten for hours- they ____ be starving.

Q4 - I'm busy this morning, but I ____ see you this afternoon if you like.

Q5 - It ____ be the postman; it's far too early.

Q6 - You ____ enter the country without a visa.

Q7 - They're two hours late- there ___ be something wrong.

Q8 - She left two hours ago, so she ____ have arrived by now.

Q9 - My doctor says I ____ lose some weight.

Q10 - ____ you smell something burning?

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