Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Into

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The police are ____ into the robbery.

Q2 - She ____ into her bag and pulled out a pen.

Q3 - It's a great reference book and I ____ into it a lot.

Q4 - I found it hard to ____ into the group.

Q5 - We've had to ___ into our savings since I lost my job.

Q6 - I ____ into the intranet.

Q7 - The trousers may be too big, but he'll ____ into them soon enough.

Q8 - He was a horrible child, but he's ____ into a really nice young man.

Q9 - She was furious and really ____ them.

Q10 - Don't ____ into a making decision you might regret later.

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