Quiz: Infinitive or Gerund

Topic: Gerunds and Infinitives

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - He admitted ____ part of the conspiracy.

Q2 - I wouldn't want to go back ____ an employee now that I have been self-employed.

Q3 - She confessed ____ done it.

Q4 - They're well on their way ____ it.

Q5 - I put my success down ____ hard.

Q6 - Don't underestimate their contribution ____ things going- we couldn't have managed without them.

Q7 - They've gone back ____ it the old way as the new system didn't work.

Q8 - I object ____.

Q9 - When it comes ____ people, he's always ready.

Q10 - I came close ____ at him, but managed to control myself.

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