Quiz: Syllable Stress

Topic: Phonetics

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - They're going to record the show.

Q2 - They are worried about the imports from China.

Q3 - He imports all of his goods.

Q4 - They will refuse to do it.

Q5 - The refuse collectors didn't empty the rubbish bins this week.

Q6 - They export all over the world.

Q7 - They broke the world record last week.

Q8 - It conflicts with our plan.

Q9 - The conflict between the two nations is getting worse.

Q10 - The police suspect him of the crime.

Q11 - It took me ages to digest the news.

Q12 - She's a rebel.

Q13 - I object to that!

Q14 - It's an object.

Q15 - I want a refund.

Q16 - I want them to refund me in full.

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