English Quiz: Connectives

Topic: General

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I was very happy ____ all my old friends were living there.
Q2 - I didn't feel lonely ____ I had a lot of friends who could help me.
Q3 - They were very friendly ____ I felt at home.
Q4 - ____ I felt unhappy, but I came to like it.
Q5 - ____ I needed it, there was always someone willing to help.
Q6 - ____ this, I always felt I would succeed.
Q7 - Living there has many advantages, ____ there are problems.
Q8 - It was great ____ it made me feel at home.
Q9 - They spend ages trying to prove themselves ____ getting accepted.
Q10 - ____ she saw it, she had assumed it was an explosion.

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