English Quiz: Connection

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Everyone is agreed that we need to improve the environment, ____ there is less agreement on the ways to achieve this.
Q2 - All great powers eventually collapse ____ lose influence.
Q3 - If we want to avoid another similar tragedy, ____ we should take measures now.
Q4 - ____ it had a scientific basis, we would have the evidence by now.
Q5 - Just ____ there is a problem with one theory, it doesn't mean that the other theory is right.
Q6 - My ideas haven't changed, ____ more people think the same way today than before.
Q7 - He was late ___ apologised.
Q8 - I did it ____ I was off work.
Q9 - She greeted me like an old friend, ____ we hardly knew each other.
Q10 - You should try to get home soon ____ we have to get up early tomorrow.

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