English Quiz: Verb Types

Topic: Verbs and Tenses

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - 'Like' is a dynamic verb.
Q2 - 'Name' can be a performative verb.
Q3 - 'Own' is a stative verb.
Q4 - 'Ripen' is a copular verb.
Q5 - 'Age' is an inchoative verb.
Q6 - A base form is a finite form of a verb.
Q7 - 'Used to' is a modal verb.
Q8 - A ditransitive verb cannot take an object.
Q9 - 'Do' is known as the dummy auxiliary.
Q10 - 'Linking verb' is another way of saying 'dynamic verb'.
Q11 - 'Enjoy' is a dynamic verb.

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