Quiz: Both, Either & Neither

Topic: General

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - ____ were ill so they stayed at home instead of going to school.

Q2 - I didn't like ____ of the choices.

Q3 - I couldn't decide between them - I liked them ____.

Q4 - _____ Yuko nor Hiromi turned up today.

Q5 - You can take ____ the 38 bus or the 341 to get to town.

Q6 - I don't think much of ____ of the candidates.

Q7 - I called ___ of them and left messages as they didn't answer.

Q8 - Would you like red or white wine?

Q9 - I took the test twice and failed ____ times.

Q10 - Neither ____ there.

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