English Quiz: Phrasal Verbs - Walk

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The workers walked ____ when their pay claim was rejected.
Q2 - He walked ____ his girlfriend when they rowed.
Q3 - My little daughter walked ____ me as I was wrapping her birthday present.
Q4 - The conference was so dull that I walked ____.
Q5 - I've got a headache so I'm going to try to walk it ____.
Q6 - The competition was easy and we walked ____ the prize.
Q7 - The interview was easy and I walked ____ the job.
Q8 - Some thief walked ____ the money we'd collected.
Q9 - I heard him call my name, but I was in a hurry so I just walked ____.
Q10 - I walked ____ to reception and made my enquiries.

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