English Quiz: Idioms- Nationalities

Topic: Idioms

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - If what someone says is double Dutch, it is clear and easy to understand.
Q2 - If people walk in Indian file, they walk one behind the other.
Q3 - If you don't understand something at all, it's all Greek to you.
Q4 - If you go Dutch when paying for a meal, one person pays for everyone.
Q5 - If a rumour or story gets distorted as it gets told from person to person, it is a case of Japanese whispers.
Q6 - A young Turk is a person who is unwilling to accept authority in an organisation, team, etc.
Q7 - England is called perfidious Albion because of its trustworthiness.
Q8 - A French uncle is someone who gives you advice you don't want to hear.
Q9 - If people play Russian roulette, they do something that is very risky.
Q10 - If someone has Dutch courage, they are only brave because they have been drinking.

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