English Quiz: Below & Under

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The results can be seen in the graph given ____.
Q2 - The goods that had not been claimed were sold ____ the Police Property Act.
Q3 - The mission is ____ United Nations control.
Q4 - The company has been ____ fire from investors because of its poor performance this year.
Q5 - The results were ____ average.
Q6 - She's feeling a bit ____ par.
Q7 - The matter is ____ the jurisdiction of the courts, so they'll decide what to do.
Q8 - They manufacture it ____ licence from the parent company.
Q9 - Their share price fell to ____ ten dollars yesterday.
Q10 - Their boss has them all completely ____ her thumb- they are really scared of her.

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