English Quiz: Unless, Providing, Provided & As Long As

Topic: Conditionals

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - We'll get there on time ____ we get a move on.
Q2 - I'll be off now ____ there's anything left to do.
Q3 - I'm having a barbecue on Saturday ____ it doesn't rain.
Q4 - You can borrow it ____ you give it back in a couple of days.
Q5 - Children can't enter ____ they are accompanied by an adult.
Q6 - You can sit there ____ no one has reserved it.
Q7 - You mustn't ring her ____ it's an emergency.
Q8 - I'll quit ____ they give me a raise.
Q9 - ____ they apologise, I'll drop the matter.
Q10 - I will go ____ you come with me, but I won't go alone.

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