Quiz: Verbs of seeing

Topic: Verbs and Tenses

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - I ____ in my rear view mirror to see if there was any traffic behind me.

Q2 - He ____ at it for a long time.

Q3 - It's rude to ____.

Q4 - I ____ her in the crowd coming out of the station.

Q5 - We went to ____ round the house we're thinking of buying.

Q6 - 'Glance' can be used as a noun, but 'glimpse' can't.

Q7 - I ____ that he had had his hair cut during the lunch break.

Q8 - She ____ him up and down.

Q9 - He ____ the text looking for the answer to the question.

Q10 - She ____ at the painting for several minutes.

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