English Quiz: Relative Pronouns

Topic: Relative Pronouns

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - Stratford is the town ____ Shakespeare was born in.
Q2 - The hotel ____ we stayed was good.
Q3 - The man ____ interviewed me seemed friendly enough.
Q4 - The British Prime Minister, ____ was interviewed yesterday, denied responsibility.
Q5 - The car ____ was stolen belonged to my partner.
Q6 - The house ____ they have rented is in the centre of town.
Q7 - The crowd, ____ were making a lot of noise, were told to move on by the police.
Q8 - The company, _____ CEO is under investigation, is doing very badly.
Q9 - The capital city, ____ cathedral is one of the finest in the country, is worth visiting.
Q10 - The school, ____ has seven hundred students, had the bext exam results in the country last year.

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