Quiz: Articles

Topic: Articles

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the best answer.

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Q1 - While you were out, ____ Mr Davis called. He left his number for you to call back.

Q2 - She lectures at ____Oxford University.

Q3 - He's good; he is ____ lawyer who did the conveyancing for our house.

Q4 - She comes from ____ Midlands.

Q5 - Last year she climbed ____ Matterhorn.

Q6 - They've got a holiday home in _____ Azores.

Q7 - They've got a holiday home in _____ Madeira.

Q8 - I went to _____ Tower of London last week.

Q9 - King's College is in ____ Strand.

Q10 - I live in London ____ most of the year.

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