Quiz: Legs, Feet, Walk, etc

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - We got off on the wrong ____ and our relationship has been difficult ever since.

Q2 - Things went badly with the project, but he took it in his ____ and didn't get upset.

Q3 - She's very ill and they say she's on her last ____.

Q4 - It's hard to keep ____ with the changes in technology.

Q5 - I have two left ____; I can't dance.

Q6 - It's very diverse; our members come from all ____ of life.

Q7 - In the long ____, the company should do well.

Q8 - He can't keep up with the rest of us; he's off the ____.

Q9 - People have to ____ on eggs around him because he's so sensitive.

Q10 - If something is easy, it's a ____ in the park.

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