English Quiz: Idioms- Work

Topic: Idioms

Level: Advanced

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - An agony aunt is a newspaper columnist who gives advice to people having problems, especially personal ones.
Q2 - A postman's holiday is when you spend your free time doing the same sort of work as you do in your job.
Q3 - A baker's dozen is ____.
Q4 - The ____ ceiling is the discrimination that prevents women and minorities from getting promoted to the highest levels of companies and organisations.
Q5 - If you speak to the organ grinder not the monkey, you speak to a subordinate and not the boss.
Q6 - When someone treads the boards, they work as a police officer on the streets.
Q7 - A bean counter is a lawyer.
Q8 - A bad worker always blames their ____.
Q9 - Movers and shakers are people without the courage or determination to get things done.
Q10 - If someone gives away the store, they say or do something that makes their position in negotiations, debates, etc, much stronger.

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