English Quiz: Prepositions of Location- At & In

Topic: Prepositions

Level: Beginner

Instructions: Choose the correct preposition

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Q1 - He's ____ the hospital, having a heart operation.
Q2 - Our seats are ____ the front row.
Q3 - They want to ban smoking ____ public places completely.
Q4 - The shop's _____ High Street.
Q5 - I left it ____ the classroom.
Q6 - The market's ____ front of the old cinema.
Q7 - She is _____ the front of the queue.
Q8 - Their house is ____ the end of the road.
Q9 - The concert was very full and we had to stand ____ the back of the auditorium.
Q10 - He should be ____ work by now.
Q11 - I spent the morning reading ____ my garden.
Q12 - The children were ____ the playground.

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