Quiz: Some, Any or No

This is a beginner-level quiz containing 13 multichoice quiz questions from our 'quantifiers' category. Simply answer all questions and press the 'Grade Me' button to see your score. This exercise is also available as a printable worksheet.

To access the printable version of this quiz, view our 'Some, Any or No' Worksheet.

Some, Any or No Quiz

Exercise Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

Q1 - There are ____ things I'd like to ask you about.
Q2 - There isn't ____ time to finish it.
Q3 - There's ____ way I'll do it.
Q4 - I'd like ___ orange juice, please.
Q5 - It doesn't matter which you catch- ____ bus will go there.
Q6 - There are ____ tickets left.
Q7 - There aren't ____ seats left.
Q8 - I couldn't find ____ articles on the subject.
Q9 - I'm going to the shops to buy ____ fruit.
Q10 - I'll have ____ free time at the weekend.
Q11 - I'll have to go to the cashpoint- I haven't got ____ money on me.
Q12 - No one has ____ idea who did it.
Q13 - I need ____ help, please.