Quiz: In On At

This is a beginner-level quiz containing 12 multichoice quiz questions from our 'prepositions' category. Simply answer all questions and press the 'Grade Me' button to see your score. This exercise is also available as a printable worksheet.

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In On At Quiz

Exercise Instructions: Prepositions of Time

Q1 - I saw her ___ Xmas.
Q2 - I saw her ___ Xmas day.
Q3 - I was born ___ June.
Q4 - It happened ___ 2001.
Q5 - He started work ___ Monday.
Q6 - She often goes out ___ night.
Q7 - She often goes out ___ Friday night.
Q8 - It rains a lot ___ Spring.
Q9 - I get up ___ 7am.
Q10 - The lessons are ____ the afternoon.
Q11 - She joined them for dinner _____ six thirty.
Q12 - He put _____ his hat