Quiz: Mixed Phrasal Verbs

Topic: Phrasal Verbs

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - The waiter asked us to drink ____ as the bar was closing.

Q2 - The shop was doing badly, so the owner closed it ____.

Q3 - I'm going to see her ____ at the airport.

Q4 - Put a jumper ___; it's cold outside.

Q5 - I'm going to take ____ holiday insurance.

Q6 - He takes ____ his mother; they have the same sense of humour.

Q7 - He was ____ up in the countryside.

Q8 - I'm trying to give ____ smoking.

Q9 - I'm going to bed early tonight because I need to catch _____ my sleep.

Q10 - We got caught ____ in a lot of trouble.

Q11 - This calls ____ a celebration.

Q12 - He's not there; I'll call ____ later.

Q13 - Their proposal was brilliant- I was blown ____ by it.

Q14 - Cross the wrong answers ____.

Q15 - The minister has come ____ a lot of criticism lately.

Q16 - I came ____ the letters while I was clearing up my room.

Q17 - It's getting dark earlier and much colder- winter is setting ____.

Q18 - Shoppers snapped ____ bargains in the sales.

Q19 - The company chalked ____ record sales this year.

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