Quiz: Say & Tell

Topic: Vocabulary

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer

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Q1 - They walked out of the room without ____ a word.

Q2 - That's what everybody _____.

Q3 - Don't try to persuade me to talk because I'm not ____ a word.

Q4 - ____ us the story again!

Q5 - I'm afraid I can't ____ for sure but I think it's OK.

Q6 - I dare ____ things will turn out fine.

Q7 - I've ____ you not to do that

Q8 - Do what I ____, not what I do.

Q9 - I can't ____; it's a secret.

Q10 - Did the joke he ____ make you laugh?

Q11 - Could you ____ me the right time, please?

Q12 - What did she just ____?

Q13 - She ____ she wasn't coming.

Q14 - Who do you think is ____ the truth?

Q15 - I ____ them not to do it.

Q16 - I ____ her a lie.

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