Quiz: Although, Though, Despite and However

Topic: Conjunctions

Level: Intermediate

Instructions: Choose the correct answer.

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Q1 - She went out ____ the rain.

Q2 - She went out ____ it was raining.

Q3 - She went out ____ the fact that it was raining.

Q4 - ____ she didn't like it, I enjoyed it a lot.

Q5 - It was good, ____ expensive.

Q6 - I was late. _____, the others were all on time.

Q7 - ____ I was late, the others were all on time.

Q8 - They managed it ____ I wasn't there.

Q9 - They managed it ____ the fact that I wasn't there.

Q10 - ____ tired, he managed to finish it on time.

Q11 - ____ hard she tried, she still couldn't manage it.

Q12 - 'You did it!'

Q13 - ____ of the opportunity, no one bothered.

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